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sewer-video-inspectionSewer Video Inspections

A drainage problem in a plumbing system is generally easy to detect.  Drainage becomes slow or perhaps even stops.  But locating the cause of the problem can be tricky.  And that is why we at Jesus Is Lord Plumbing use state-of-art technology such as video to locate the cause of drainage and sewer problems.

During a sewer video inspection, a special camera is placed into your pipe.  The camera can not only help us find the exact location of the blockage or damage, but it can also reveal the condition of your pipe and determine if other repairs might be necessary in order to prevent further problems in the near future.

So no need to wonder what is causing your drainage problem or waste time and money trying to find it.  Let us at Jesus Is Lord Plumbing use our video inspection equipment to determine exactly what the issue is and then remedy the situation for you at a fair and reasonable price.  So give us a call at (504) 832-0432 and schedule a sewer video inspection today.