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Jesus Is Lord Plumbing is an honest and fair professional plumbing company that offers quality comprehensive plumbing services for the greater New Orleans area.

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From new construction and remodeling plumbing to sewer and under slab repairs, we are experts in all facets of residential plumbing.

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We also specialize in commercial plumbing including new construction, repairs, and custom installations.

About Jesus Is Lord Plumbing Company

With more than 15 years’ worth of experience under our belt, we at Jesus Is Lord Plumbing have developed a reputation for providing professional and high-quality service to our residential and commercial clients in the greater New Orleans area. 


Residential Repairs

From leaking faucets and pipes to broken water heaters, we can handle any residential plumbing repair with prompt, professional service.

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New Construction

We can assist you with the installation of your new plumbing system for your new construction or renovation, regardless of any tight deadlines or custom applications.

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Under Slab Repairs

From locating the problem to using advanced tunneling techniques for repairing or replacing the sewer line, we specialize in under slab sewer repairs.

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Commercial Services

For our commercial clients, we offer a full range of professional plumbing services, from plumbing repairs to new construction and custom installations.

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Our Guarantee

At Jesus Is Lord Plumbing, we endeavor to provide quality plumbing services on each job we do and for every customer that we work for.  We are licensed to work in the State of Louisiana, comply with all relevant safety regulations, and carry workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance.  We provide a one-year warranty on all renovations, under slab repairs and new construction plumbing.  All other repair services are under warranty for 90 days, while our cleaning services are subject to a 30-day warranty.